VOIS Architects

The architectural office VOIS was founded in Athens in 2006 by Katerina Vordoni and Fania Sinaniotou and is constituted by a team of young architects. Recently VOIS architects were chosen among with other young emerging architectural practices by the Wallpaper magazine to represent Greece at their Architect’s Directory. The philosophy of the office is best described below.

“Our Inspiration is everyday life. Simple habits, images, moments and objects constitute elements of inspiration and define an architectural route. Our rule is alternation. Every project is a new start. Facts change, materials are reconfigured, and form readjusts. Our methodology is dialogue. A continuous contact and analysis of the actual person, context, typology that develop and enhance the project.

Our product is a concept. Every concept a particular architectural story, read and interpreted in different scales.”

VOIS architects | Β. Κωνσταντίνου 12, Αθήνα 116 35 | +213 0234598 | www.voisarchitects.com

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